JETITNOW provides an intermediary service between you (the “Member”) and a network of Operators to book Flights through a website, mobile app and other platforms (the “Platform”).

JETITNOW is a service operated by JETITNOW, a simplified joint-stock company (société par actions simplifiée, S.A.S.) registered in the companies house of Paris with corporate number 897 800 504.

These General Terms & Conditions govern the access and use (the “Terms of Use”) and the general terms of sale of the Platform (the “Terms of Sale”), (together, the Terms of Use and Terms of Sale make up the “General Terms & Conditions”). By using the Services or the Platform or accessing it, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the General Terms & Conditions as well as the Non-Disclosure Policy.

These General Terms & Conditions are accepted by checking the appropriate box on the registration and/or sale form. They can only be accepted fully and completely. Failing to do so will render the registration null and void. Should a Member fail to agree to the General Terms & Conditions, they will not be allowed to access the Platform or use the Services.

1. Definitions

“Charterer”, “Member” or “you”: means any user registered on the JETITNOW Platform and booking a Flight through the JETITNOW intermediary.

“Airplane”: means the aircraft assigned to the Flight.

“Jetcredits Card”: means the digital number cards credited with Jetcredits and this may only be used to pay on the Platform.

“General Terms of Transport”: means the general terms of transport laid down by the Operator and specified on the Flight Plan, as well as the special terms for the Booking, if any.

“Charter Agreement”: means the statements and provisions on the Flight Plan. The Agreement comes into force once the Charterer receives the email with the Flight Plan, upon confirming that the Booking rate has been paid, and any subsequent written amendments agreed between the Charter and the Operator. The Charter Agreement will be effective throughout the Flight service.

“Flight Plan”: means the email or the document attached to said email sent by JETITNOW, confirming the charter of an Airplane and specifying the Flight details (a summary of the Booking and the Flight: identifying the Operator, type of Airplane, departure time and date, number and identity of the Passengers, flight time...) and includes the General Terms of Transport (or a link to the General Terms of Transport) and the Operator’s insurance certificate.

“JETITNOW” or “us”: means the air charter broker acting as intermediary between the Charterers and the Operators.

“Operator”: means a carrier, operator or airline who has been checked and confirmed by JETITNOW and whose charter estimate is applied to the Charterer for the Flight they ordered, subject to the General Terms & Conditions and any other provisions in the Charter Agreement.

“Passenger”: means the person or persons taking the Flight described by the Charterer in the Booking and whose personal details are shown on the Charter Agreement, as well as the Charterer, depending on the circumstances.

“Booking”: means any purchase order for a Flight that has been confirmed by a Charterer and registered by JETITNOW.

“Service(s)”: means the automatic intermediary service to book Flights provided by JETITNOW and accessed by the Members on the Platform.

“Flight”: means the transport by Airplane booked by the Charterer.

2. Terms of Use

2.1. Access to the Platform 

Registration is free. In order to use the Services or access the Platform, every Member needs to fill in the appropriate form. To become a Member you must be: 

  • A natural person and declare and certify that you are of full legal age and are legally competent to (i) sign these General Terms & Conditions and any Charter Agreement that may be entered into between the Charterer and an Operator, and (ii) use the Platform in accordance with the provisions herein that you must have perfectly understood and accepted.

  • A legal entity acting through a natural person intermediary who is legally competent to enter into agreements for and on behalf of the legal entity and who meets the criteria of a natural person Member. 

The registration will be validated once the Member receives the email from JETITNOW confirming the registration. In order to access the Service, the Member must first reply to said email.

2.2. Use of the Platform and Code of Conduct

The use of the Platform is reserved to JETITNOW Members who have registered on the Platform. The way you use our Services and the Platform must conform to the laws in force and be for a lawful purpose for you or any other person you are legally authorised to represent. You may only use the Platform for your own personal use and you agree to not change, copy, distribute, disclose, attach, execute, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative work, transfer or sell or re-sell any information, software, products or services obtained from or through the Platform. Therefore, you agree to not:

  1. Use the Platform and its contents for commercial purposes or to re-sell the products or services bought on our Platform to third parties;

  2. Use the Platform and its contents in any way that may harm JETITNOW or its reputation;

  3. Make speculative, fake or fraudulent bookings, or bookings anticipating demand;

  4. Place or send orders for and on behalf of third parties unless you are legally authorised to do so; 

  5. Access, monitor or copy contents or information on the Site by using a robot, crawler, off-line browser or any other automated or manual means, for whichever purposes, without our express consent in writing;

  6. Try to breach or bypass any security measures employed to limit your access to or use of our Services or the Platform;

  7. Use or interfere with our Services or the Platform in any way that may damage, unable, overload, disrupt the performance of our systems or security, or jeopardise them, or interfere with other users;

  8. Introduce or spread via our Platform malware, virus, worms or Trojan horses or any other type of attack by “denial of service” or “spam”; or

  9. Delete, modify or replace any signs of copyright, trademark, trade name, logo or any other sign showing the source on our Platform, or pass or try to pass our Services or Platform as someone else’s product.

You acknowledge and accept that all contents and information published on the Platform, including the data, software, photos, images, videos, graphics, sounds, quotes and written or other contents belong to JETITNOW (including the intellectual property rights). You will not copy, spread or forward any contents without prior written consent from JETITNOW. You expressly accept that you use the Platform at your own expense and risk. Except for cases of fraud, for which you would be required to provide proof, you are legally and financially liable for your operations on the Platform, especially the use of your Member username and password. You also guarantee that any data you provide on the Platform is true and accurate. You hereby state and certify that you are not subject to any restrictions that would prevent you from booking a Flight through the JETITNOW app.

2.3. Suspension and Closure of a Member Account

Should your booking or account show signs of fraud, misuse or any other suspicious activities or suspected breaches of JETITNOW’s General Terms & Conditions, we will cancel all bookings linked to your name, email address or account, suspend or close the JETITNOW accounts linked to them and deny you access to the Services offered by JETITNOW. In the event of fraudulent activities, JETITNOW reserves the right to take any legal actions that may be required and you may be held responsible for any financial loss suffered by JETITNOW, including expenses arising from disputes and claims for damages. If you wish to challenge the cancellation of a Booking or the suspension or closure of an account, please contact JETITNOW’s Customer Support:

JETITNOW may, at its own discretion, suspend or close an account with or without prior notice or compensation. If it decides to close an account permanently, JETITNOW will reimburse, when appropriate, the Jetcredits Cards or the Jetcredits balance if the Member holds any.

Unless otherwise stated by JETITNOW, the Member will immediately lose his/her status as such. 

3. Terms of Sale

3.1. General Provisions

JETITNOW is an air charter broker and only acts as intermediary between Members and Operators. For such purposes, our role and duties are limited to arranging the Services that will be provided by the Operators. In the event of a Booking, you will be entering into an agreement with the Operator directly. There is no transport agreement between JETITNOW and the Charterer. Any doubts or concerns about the Flights must be address to the Operator.

JETITNOW is not an Operator or a travel agency and does not operate, maintain or own or rent Airplanes, neither does it provide air transport services. All Flights are provided by independent Operators.

JETITNOW does not offer a transport contract and denies any duties and liabilities arising from the transport (in particular, any injuries, damages, casualties, losses, accidents or delays caused by an action or omission by the Operators or a third party related to the transport agreements).

These General Terms & Conditions will not be considered an air transport agreement in any way and JETITNOW and the Charterers do not and will not enter into any agreements of the sort.

3.2. Service Operation

By using the Platform, you authorise JETITNOW to make arrangements with the Operator on your behalf, as an agent, during the search and booking process, including arranging the payment for the Service in order to ensure that the transaction between you and the Operator is completed. The rates charged for the actual Services may include fees invoiced by JETITNOW for its services arranging the agreement between you and the relevant Operator.

Your agreement will be subject to each Operator’s Terms of Transport and these may limit or exclude your responsibility. For you to know the relevant Operator’s Terms of Transport, JETITNOW will send you said Terms of Transport with the Flight Plan or will make them available to you through a link in the email sent with the Flight Plan.

Once the Charter Agreement comes into effect, the Charterer agrees to observe JETITNOW’s General Terms & Conditions as well as the Operator’s Terms of Transport and all these will apply to the Charterer throughout the Flight. The Charterer also agrees to ensure that every Passenger or third party under his/her responsibility observes the General Terms & Conditions and the Terms of Transport.

3.3. Booking 

The Charterer will fill in a purchase order online using an e-form with multiple choices. By filling in the e-form, the Charterer accepts the rates and the product and service descriptions.

You must provide all the details marked as required, especially the airports for the departure and arrival, the departure date and the number of passengers in order to get an estimate.

The Charterer will pay the appropriate rate using the payment method chosen when the purchase order is finally accepted. This acceptance is equal to a signature.

An automatic email confirming that JETITNOW has received the purchase order will be sent through the Platform to the Charterer. The Charterer will receive another email confirming that JETITNOW has received the payment for the rate.

Within twelve (12) hours from sending this payment confirmation, JETITNOW will send you the Flight Plan with all the flight details, especially the name of the Operator hired for your purchase order, by email for and on behalf of the Operator. Upon receiving the confirmation email, the Charter Agreement will be considered as effective between you and the Operator.

The confirmation of a Flight charter depends on the Operator registering the Booking in its computer booking system.

The Booking is made via the purchase order placed by the Charterer for and on behalf of all the Passengers registered for the Flight. The Member guarantees that he/she has the necessary powers to represent all the Passengers registered in the Booking and they are all fit to take the Flight booked.

The Charterer may be asked to provide the following information for each Passenger he/she represents: name, last name, birth date, passport copy and details (number, issue date, expiry date), nationality or any other information asked by the Operators. The Charterer will ensure that the information he/she provides is strictly identical to the data on the Passengers’ identity documents or any other document required for the journey (visa, form, etc.). Furthermore, the Charger must ensure that the email address he/she provided is right and works, as this will be necessary to receive information and documents required for the Flight. The Charterer will be held liable for any mistakes and their consequences.

Overall, we will not be held liable for any mistakes in the Booking that are attributed to the Charterer or caused by exceptional and unavoidable circumstances.

3.4. Rates

3.4.1. Composition of the Rates 

Rates are expressed in Euros with all taxes included or in Jetcredits.

Unless otherwise stated, the rate shown at the time of the final acceptance of the purchase order includes:

  • The ordinary operating expenses to fly the Airplane, such as petrol, applicable taxes, flying fees and permits, landing expenses, catering expenses, luggage tips, transit service expenses and the cost of de-icing, unless otherwise agreed;

  • The cost of Services;

  • Any other expense shown as included in the Flight Plan.

The Charterer also agrees that the rate does not include ground transfers (limousine, taxis...), on-board internet and phone expenses, change of destination, additional insurance premiums related to flying or landing in certain regions, expenses from catering for special menus, visa expenses, vaccination expenses or any other personal expenses.

The services included in the rate are described on the Platform and the Flight Plan.

The applicable rate is the one published by the Operator and will be calculated based on the rate in force on the date the Charterer accepts the purchase order, for a Flight planned on the dates and with the itinerary shown for that Flight. Any change made to the Flight itinerary or dates may affect the rate estimated on the Booking.

We hereby inform you that any mistake may affect the rate on the Booking. Should a rate published on the Platform be wrong, we will contact you to inform you about this and ask you to agree to pay the right rate for the Booking. We reserve the right to reject bookings if the Charterer refuses to pay the right rate if the mistake regarding the rate was reported at the time of the Booking. Furthermore, JETITNOW reserves the right to cancel Bookings in the event of a mistake in the publication or technique that estimates unusually or excessively low Booking rates. 

3.4.2. Payment Methods

Bookings will be paid by the Charterer to JETITNOW in its capacity as intermediary.

The amounts due will be paid in full, in Euros or US Dollars, when the purchase order is accepted:

  • By bank transfer;

  • By credit card. In this case, we will debit the amount to the credit card in real time. The payment will be completely secure by using data encryption in compliance with the strictest standards;

  • By Jetcredits. 

The Charterer acknowledges and accepts these payment methods as an essential condition herein. No Flight will be confirmed and will therefore be subject to availability unless the Charterer settles the amounts due.

No discounts will apply for early payments.

3.5. Incidents with Payments

Professional Charterer

Professional Charterers are hereby informed that in the event of delays in paying invoices, from the day after the due date of said invoices, JETITNOW will be fully entitled to apply non-payment interests on the outstanding total on the invoice (without taxes) at a rate that will be at least three times the legal interest rate in force. These will be fully enforceable without prior notice. Likewise, pursuant to Article 3. 441-10 of the French Commercial Code, the Charterer will owe JETITNOW a fixed debt-recovery fee of €40.00. This will equally apply in the event of a partial settlement of the invoice, without prejudice to any other actions that the Company may be entitled to against the Charterer, and the expenses incurred in trying to recover the amounts due and any other damages or interests that may be payable. Should the Charterer breach the aforementioned payment terms, JETITNOW will have the right to suspend the Flight in the Booking. These provisions will apply without prejudice to any other action, in or out of court, that JETITNOW may be entitled to against the Charterer to collect the invoiced amounts.

Private Charterer

Private Charterers are hereby informed that any delays in paying all or part of an amount due on the due date, will automatically mean that all amounts due by the Charterer will become immediately payable. Should the Charterer breach the aforementioned payment terms, JETITNOW will have the right to suspend the Flight in the charter estimate as well as any other service. These provisions will apply without prejudice to any other action, in or out of court, that JETITNOW may be entitled to against the Charterer to collect the invoiced amounts.

3.6. Withdrawal and Cancellation of the Booking by the Charterer

3.6.1. Right of Withdrawal 

Pursuant to Article L. 221-2 of the French Consumer Code, you do not have the right of withdrawal. 

3.6.2. Cancellation 

If you wish to cancel a Booking made on the Platform, JETITNOW will apply the following cancellation fees: 

  • Within 12h from receiving the Flight Plan: no fee;

  • Between 12h and 48h from receiving the Flight Plan: 30% of the total amount of the Booking; 

  • After 48h from receiving the Flight Plan: 50% of the total amount of the Booking;

  • Notwithstanding the above, after receiving the Flight Plan and within the last 48h before the Flight departure (00:00 local time): 100% of the total amount of the Booking.

As an exception to these provisions, the following fees will apply to Jetcredits Card holders:

  • Within 24h from receiving the Flight Plan: no fee;

  • Between 24h and 48h from receiving the Flight Plan: 20% of the total amount of the Booking;

  • After 48h from receiving the Flight Plan: 40% of the total amount of the Booking;

  • Notwithstanding the above, after receiving the Flight Plan and between 72h and 48h before the Flight departure (00:00 local time): 80% of the total amount of the Booking;

  • Notwithstanding the above, after receiving the Flight Plan and within the last 48h before the Flight departure (00:00 local time): 100% of the total amount of the Booking.

3.7. Charterer’s Duties

Without prejudice to any other duties foreseen herein, the Charterer is solely responsible for: 

  • Documents, elements, data, information and contents supplied by the Charterer to JETITNOW for the Booking. In this respect, you guarantee JETITNOW that you are authorised to provide said documents, elements, data, information and contents and you have all the powers and authorisations required to use them for the Services.

  • The accuracy of the documents, elements, data, information and contents foreseen above, ensuring that they are true and complete. JETITNOW will not be held liable under any circumstances for any potential errors, misprints, omissions or indications that may lead the Operators or other bodies to error.

  • Any damages caused to an Airplane by the Charterer or the Passengers. 

  • Ensuring that you and/or the Passengers (and your luggage) go to the right check-in desk at the departure airport with sufficient time and with all the travel documents required to board the Flight. We will not be held liable if you are not allowed to board the Flight, when caused by the Charterer and/or a Passenger intentionally or by negligence. Should a Passenger arrive late to board the Airplane, the Operator’s Terms of Transport will apply. The Operator and JETITNOW will not be required to take any alternative actions for the Passenger. Should the Operator, at its own discretion, arrange transport for said Passenger on a later flight, the Charterer will pay, at the Operator’s request, any amounts charged by the latter for said Passenger to cover the additional Flight and the taxes and administrative expenses.

We advise you to be at the check-in desk at least forty-five (45) minutes before the Flight departure time.

In the event of delays caused by the Passengers, the Charterer will be held liable if the Operator is to pay additional airport taxes or it delays the next flight run by the Operator. In this case, the amounts will be invoiced to the Charterer. 

3.8. Luggage

Luggage policies vary depending on the Operator. The Charterer agrees to observe and ensure that the Passengers comply with the Operator’s Terms of Transport regarding the weight and amount of luggage.

Before, during and after the Flight, the Passengers remain fully liable for the luggage contents and goods carried. The Charterer agrees on behalf of all the Passengers registered for the Flight to guarantee JETITNOW and the Operator that they will not carry any illegal or dangerous goods. Passengers are forbidden to transport any products banned by the Operator.

3.9. Liability

The Operator’s duties are foreseen and governed by the Terms of Transport that expressly refer to the Warsaw Convention regulating liability and its subsequent texts, especially with regard to the liability exemptions and limitations set forth in Council Regulation (EC) No 2027/97 of 9 October 1997 on air carrier liability in the event of accidents, as amended by Regulation 889/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 May 2002 incorporating the provisions of the convention to standardise certain norms regarding international air transport signed in Montreal on 28 May 1999.

JETITNOW ensures the validity of the air carrier/operator’s license and their insurance certificates.

JETITNOW will not be held liable for the Flight and its conditions of execution or non-execution.

Within the framework of the Service, the information we communicate is based on the information received from the Operators.

Despite making great efforts to provide a top-quality Service, we cannot verify or guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness or completeness of the information, and we cannot be held responsible for any errors (manifest error or typographic mistake) or service interruptions (due to technical faults, whether temporary and/or partial, or a breakdown, repair, update, upgrade or maintenance of our or a third-party Platform), or for any information that is inaccurate, misleading or mistaken, or for any lack of information.

JETITNOW will not be liable in any way if it becomes impossible to provide the Flight booked due to a booking mistake attributed to the Charterer.

The Operator is liable for any claims arising from events, accidents or incidents that take place on or in connection with the Airplane flown by the Operator, including but not limited to, unjustified injuries, material damages or casualties.

The Charterer is hereby informed that the Operator’s Terms of Transport apply to the Charter Agreement, including the clauses on liability and force majeure. JETITNOW will not be held liable in this respect. The Operator is responsible for the execution or non-execution of the Flight.

JETITNOW, acting as agent on the Charterer’s behalf, will not be liable in any way for any acts or omissions of the Operator. In the event of an act or omission of the Operator or its representatives, employees and agents, which entail the Operator’s liability, the Charterer will, if required, take over JETITNOW’s rights and claims for remedy against the Operator, and the Charterer expressly waives the right to remedies or claims against JETITNOW, in connection with the Operator’s act or omission, for whichever losses or expenses incurred by the Charter.

The Charterer will indemnify and hold harmless JETITNOW, as the agent acting on the Charterer’s behalf, from and against any remedies or other claims arising from the execution of a Booking, unless caused by JETITNOW’s serious misconduct.

In any case, and within the limits foreseen by law, JETITNOW’s liability to the Charterer will be limited to the amounts paid by the Charterer to JETITNOW within the framework of the Charter Agreement. 

3.10. Complaints

Any problems, remarks or complaints regarding the actual execution of the Flight should be addressed to the Operator directly.

3.11. Aircraft and Equipment 

Upon confirming the charter, JETITNOW will ensure, in its capacity as intermediary for the Charterer, the appropriate execution of the Flight booked and will help, if applicable (technical breakdown, cancellation by the Operator, problem with availability), to replace the Airplane booked for an equivalent aircraft.

If the booked Operator were unable to provide JETITNOW with the Airplane, the Operator will reserve the right to, on its own behalf, ensure the Flights are provided by another Operator, with the same guarantees and the same type of Airplane as the one assigned in the Booking, and upon delivering the airworthiness and insurance certificates for the Airplane to JETITNOW.

The Operator holds the operational and exclusive control of all aircraft, as well as the charter services of the aircraft provided, the availability of the aircraft and the organisation and safety of the flights.

The Charterer is hereby informed that any matters about the safety, security and operational decisions regarding the execution of the Flight, fall under the full discretionary power of the Flight Captain employed by the Operator.

In accordance with the Terms of Transport, the Operator will be in charge, in a voyage charter, of the technical management of the Airplane and, where appropriate, the flight crew (front-end and back-end crew) under its exclusive authority. Therefore, the number of Passengers may be reduced and/or the transport conditions may be changed when decided by the Operator under the Terms of Transport. JETITNOW will not be held liable for any consequences arising from reducing the number of Passengers and/or modifying the transport conditions. The Charterer expressly waives the right to claim remedies against JETITNOW for any extra charges or amounts that the Charterer may be charged, for whichever concept, due to the aforementioned changes. 

3.12. Jetcredits Card Programme

3.12.1. Getting a Jetcredits Card 

This Service is only provided on the Platform and is available to Members only.

The Jetcredits Card is payable and non-refundable under any circumstances. The Jetcredits Cards will not be considered an advance payment for future Flights. The Card is in digital format.

The Jetcredits Card can be topped up at any time by buying Jetcredits on the Platform.

Members can buy three (3) types of Jetcredits Cards:

  • Premium Card

  • Business Card

  • First Card

Buying several Jetcredits Cards from a same category and/or Jetcredits offered as part of a temporary offer launched by JETITNOW will not upgrade the Jetcredits Card to a higher category in the Jetcredits programme.

The Jetcredits Card will only be activated or topped up once the Member receives a confirmation email from JETITNOW confirming the full payment of the purchase.

3.12.2. Benefits of the Jetcredits Card

The following discounts will apply for all the Flights proposed by the app once the Jetcredits Card has been effectively activated:

  • Premium Card: 3% off all Flights

  • Business Card: 6% off all Flights

  • First Card: 10% off all Flights.

These discounts may vary over time.

The discounts may not be applied in conjunction with other offers. If you hold several Jetcredits Cards, the discount applied will be the one for the last valid Jetcredits Card bought.

Holders of Jetcredits Cards also benefit from cancellation privileges as set forth in Clause 3.6.2. 

3.12.3. Using the Jetcredits Card

Jetcredits may only be used on the Platform and for payments made on the Platform for all or part of a Booking.

Booking rates are expressed in Euros and in Jetcredits.

When paying a Booking with several Jetcredits Cards, the benefits applied to the entire Booking will be the ones attached to the last Jetcredits Card used to pay said Booking.

When paying a Booking, any Jetcredits redeemed on the Jetcredits Card(s) will be automatically and immediately debited by the Platform. Should the Booking be cancelled, and subject to retaining the part charged as cancellation fee, the Jetcredits will be credited back to the Jetcredits Card for the Charterer.

All information regarding the purchase and redemption of your Jetcredits will be available under the section “Mon compte” (My Account).

3.12.4. Expiry of the Jetcredits Card  

Jetcredits Card will remain valid for twelve (12) months from the date the Card is bought. This period may be extended once by paying five per cent (5%) of the value of the Jetcredits bought on your account at the time of the extension.

Jetcredits will expire on the expiry date of the Jetcredits Card they were credited to.
Jetcredits may be used at any time as long as your Membership is active. If your Membership is suspended, the Jetcredits will also be suspended.

Any Jetcredits that have not been used within twelve (12) months from their purchase, will expire at the end of the period, at midnight, unless the Jetcredits have been extended under an offer or the aforementioned extension option.

Any fraud or breach committed in using or earning the Jetcredits will entail the loss of the Jetcredits on the Jetcredits Card(s) owned by the Member responsible for said fraud or breach, without any right to compensation or a total or proportional refund of the price of the Card in question. 

3.12.5. Right of Withdrawal

You have fourteen (14) business days from the purchase date to exercise your right of withdrawal, only total, not partial, without reason or penalty, for the Jetcredits Card or Jetcredits, provided all the Jetcredits bought can be removed from your account. After these fourteen (14) days, JETITNOW will no longer be obliged to refund the Jetcredits Card or Jetcredits bought. 

3.12.6. Liability 

We will not be held liable for any delays, impossibilities, service interruptions (due to technical faults, whether temporary and/or partial, or a breakdown, repair, update, upgrade or maintenance of our or a third-party Platform) in the provision of the Jetcredits Cards or Jetcredits or any force majeure event as described in Article 1218 of the French Civil Code.

4. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless JETITNOW, its shareholders, partners, affiliates, executives, directors, employees, agents, representatives, officials, assistants, successors and beneficiaries, and any other person (including all Operators and owners, hire companies or lessors of an airplane) (jointly, the “Indemnity Holders”) against any direct or indirect damages (including reasonable legal fees):

  1. That may derive from or be connected to you breaching these General Terms & Conditions (including any statement or guarantee you may have made herein), any another agreement or any applicable laws or regulations; or

  2. In connection with your acts or omissions for and on behalf of a third party, including your failure to inform said third party and ensure the implementation of all the applicable General Terms & Conditions applied to the services bought through the Platform 

5. Personal Data

Personal data is collected and processed by JETITNOW subject to the confidentiality policy posted on the Platform and with the European laws.

6. Diverse Stipulations 

These General Terms & Conditions make up all the agreements reached between you and JETITNOW with regard to the purposes hereof, and will replace any other existing or prior agreements or arrangements (verbal or written) on the subject in question. Any changes you may make to these General Terms & Conditions will only come into effect if accepted by JETITNOW in writing.

If, at any given time, one or more provisions herein are declared null and void or become or are declared non-enforceable for whichever reason by virtue of the applicable laws, they will be considered as eliminated from these General Terms & Conditions and the validity and/or enforceability of all other provisions herein will not be affected by the eliminated provisions.

These General Terms & Conditions and the operations derived therefrom are governed by the French Law. They are written in French. If translated into one or more languages, the French text will prevail in the event of disputes.

7. Changes to the General Terms & Conditions

At its own discretion, JETITNOW may change these General Terms & Conditions at any time. Should the General Terms & Conditions be changed, the new ones will be published by JETITNOW and we will consider that you have accepted all the changes if you continue to use our Services or the Platform after publishing those changes.

If you do not accept all these General Terms & Conditions, you should stop using our Services or the Platform. Otherwise, if you continue to use the Platform, you will be subject to the general terms and conditions in force at the time of the Booking in question.

8. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Terms & Conditions are governed and interpreted under the French Law, with the exception of the provisions regarding conflict of laws.

Any disputes in connection with the interpretation and/or enforcement hereof will come under the jurisdiction of the French Courts applying the laws in force.

Last Modified: 6 Oct. 2021