Jetcredits Loyalty Program

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Pay up to 10% less for your flights with our loyalty program!

Jetcredits are specific to JetItNow and allow you to pay for your flights partially or in full. The purchase of a Jetcredits card entitles you to the number of Jetcredits you have chosen and the corresponding reduction on the price of all flights as soon as you decide to pay with your card. See conditions.

20 Jetcredits offered for any new registration!

How to buy Jetcredits?

To buy Jetcredits, register for free on our JETITNOW app in less than a minute. You can choose one of the following cards:


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1000 Jetcredits

3% discount

on all flights*


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2500 Jetcredits

6% discount

on all flights*


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7500 Jetcredits

10% discount

on all flights*

(*): This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is based on the last card bought.

Valid for

12 months. May be extended once by paying 5% of the value of the Jetcredits bought on your account at the time of the extension.

Payment Terms

An invoice will be issued and sent by email for every flight you chartered and will include the applicable VAT (VAT exemption on all international flights). Payments may be done by credit card or bank transfer according to the terms and conditions specified on the invoice issued by JETITNOW.

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